The Bruno Nicoletti, an established market as a major producer of different home decor company not only stands out for its creativity and quality of its products , but also by concern for the environment , proof is the completion of their environmental project that mainly focused on reducing consumption and water treatment . The water used in the process of dyeing yarn ( raw tissue ) comes from capturing wells authorized by the competent bodies , and after its use in the process is directed to a system for cooling by heat exchange that results in water reuse in the dyeing itself, and the boiler to produce steam which in their times as fuel is the wood that is purchased from registered suppliers for exploration. In this process water recycling also comes effluent treatment consisting in the separation of the sludge that is monitored frequently by specialist companies accredited by Cetesb , always within the standards set by the Commission . Complementing the concern with the environment , we also highlight that the dyes used by Bruno Nicoletti in the process of dyeing and have no heavy metals or harmful to the environment , their auxiliary products are biodegradable chemicals .
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